Scourge of the Formless Breed

by Septycal Gorge

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After a long time wait we are finally ready to release our third full length “SCOURGE OF THE FORMLESS BREED”! This new work has been written and recorded facing tons of personal and physical problems which leaded to all this delay. But, finally, right in the 10th year of Septycal Gorge activity, here we are! “Scourge Of The Formless Breed” has been recorded, mixed and mastered by ourselves in our houses and will come out as a SELF RELEASE to value one more time this new spirit of DIY way to make and produce music. We also signed a collaboration with the mighty Steve Green and his worldwide famous label COMATOSE MUSIC to release a US version of the album with a different layout and shirt design to spread our work around properly! The EU version of the album will be released DIRECTLY by SEPTYCAL GORGE and will include a VERY LIMITED SPECIAL SLIPCASE EDITION PACK including SHIRT (we got 3 different designs, so the more you get, the more you save), POSTER, STICKER and GUITAR PICK! So we hope that everyone of you who has waited so long for this moment is now satisfied with this.


We are currently working to hit the road as soon as possible, so we hope to make it fastly!!!


released September 5, 2014

Scourge Of The Formless Breed has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Davide Billia at his homestudio

All music composed by Marco Losano and Diego Riccobene
All lyrics written by Mariano Somà
All arrangements by Septycal Gorge
Bass lines recorded by Jacopo Rossi

All drones and ambients by Alessandro Martines (

Cover artwork by Yigit Koroglu

Layout and slipcase design by Davide Billia

Logo Design by John Zig

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all rights reserved


Septycal Gorge Piedmont, Italy

Septycal Gorge was originally founded by Diego Riccobene and Mariano Somà on summer 2004, with the aim to spread a technical and unrelenting brutality, following the path traced by californian gods such as Deeds Of Flesh, Severed Savior, Disgorge.
The band released 2 full length albums, Growing Seeds Of Decay (2006 – Mutilated/Sevared rec.) and Erase the Insignificant (2009 - Permeated Records)
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Track Name: Living Torment Of The Sleeping God
Immersed in the Uncreation, He sleeps…

Time’s an artificial device
None can’t conceive infinity
None can’t conceive perfection

False fixations of hundreds generations of free thinkers
Is this world the creative lust of a lonely god?
Earthly waters were flushing in disorder
Souls under the forgotten dust

They needed a fragile shell to fix existence
Millions of faces – billions of epiphanies
Self-exploited generations of gods
Human illusion of a supernatural care

A divine eye’s open – existence starts

The blink of a second
Hiding the heritage of aeons

Pathetic generation
Less than a grain of sand annoying that eye

He doesn’t care your pitiful existence
Less than a moment and that eye will be closed

Humanity crushed
By the eyelid of the Eternal One!
Track Name: Urizen - The Burning Sun
Before every kind of conception
Before the idea of existence
From the depths of the Uncreated
Lay the ancient god

Flames – for cleansing the act of birth
Order – to blow away every structural defect
To trust the iniquitous

No one asked to be created
No one asked to be made
No one asked to be made

Aeons of apathy – illusions of independence
Unsane Pangea dwelled by their subspecies

His compass created the equilibrium
Promising free will
Deriding mankind’s misery
Summoning pathetic beings

Urizen’s fire will melt you in one
Cleansed in a punishment
Smelling like perfection

Chaos will be the ultimate myth
Depopulating this Planet

Catharsis of souls
Torture of bodies
A whole existence of research for a self-proclaimed God
Catharsis of souls
Torture of bodies
Finally melted in the Burning Sun
For a self-proclaimed god

[Lyrics based on W. Blake’s Urizen]
Track Name: Slaughter Conceived
Looking for the meaning of life
Everything started by blood
Everything will end in blood

In the blue procession – bodies ready for inception
A dawn of new hopes
A meaning for your terror
A slaughter conceived
To tribute life conception

Phallic constructions
To contrast Omnipotence
Geometric perfection
Pyramidal elevation

The Sun’s rising – the body’s splattered
Bloody heart in elevation
Eternity insured by
A constant homicidal nutrition

A dawn of new hopes
A meaning for your terror
A slaughter conceived
To tribute life conception

Thousands useless slaves increasing the splattered mass
A useless man ennobled by a goal
Permitting the Sun to shine again

Broken bones of a fallen cadaver
On the temple stairs
Tomorrow the Sun will rise again
Nerved by the previous bloody purple sunset
Track Name: No Spawn - No Reign (Sons Of Enoch pt.1)
Suspended cast
Between living human forms and divine
Servants of the Supreme
Nephilims incarnate
Raising up potentials of human race
Generating the Enoch Spawn
Giants daring to challenge God
Wicked disequilibrium

Imperfect creation
Nephilims incarnate

Since Time began water, winds and fire purified
Aeons before the Dogma of Baptism
The Creator blew out the consequences of Liberum Arbitrium

Breeding superior creatures to be enslaved
Surging up like gods – Sons of Enoch
Flushed away with the Flood
Sons of Enoch – facing divine grave with the gift of Death

Punishment eternal will contain the seeds for a second challenge
No Spawn – No Reign

Incomplete extinction
Blamed remnants of an ancient domination
Track Name: Breed Of The Rejected (Sons Of Enoch pt.2)
Ancient Hymn of the Unconscious
An animal instinct telling you what to do
Obey! – the meaning of right or wrong…
… obsolete human device
Less than a grain of dust
In the cycle of Time
Less than an unproductive seed
Confronting the Creator of the Gift of Life

After a long awaiting
Flowers of death now are blooming
Once a century the Ones will face each other
Only One will survive
The blooming nail thirsty of blood
Will recognize the eyes of the Chosen
The strongest creature in that cursed spawn of rejection

No offsprings – no hopes – no goals
The only blooming flower’s the sacrificial nail
Pitch blackened in its own vocation
Iron shining spilling blood

Force-fed to breathe
From the cradle to the slaughter
God inserted a self-destructive order

Mutual eternal murder
To guarantee their mere subsistence

Punished surviving the Ancient Flood
Their one and only torment:
being obliged to suffer!
Fighting for a forced existence
Breeding is malediction
Brother versus brother
Raising the blooming nail
Enoch’s cursed spawn
Breed of the rejected

[Both Sons of Enoch parts are freely inspired on the biblical creational myth of Enoch and on an ancient Sumerian legend, with a small additional contribution of H.P. Lovecraft]
Track Name: Anabasis/Paralysis
Dislocated to insanity
None can’t more recognize a pure feeling
Paranoid analysis to check the impossible mistake

Every new approach seems like war
Every single being hides a universe
Of outrageous secrets – hidden feelings – malice – unforgiven sins

Dislocated to insanity
Impossible trusting each other

Reborn in a new form
Fitting a new disease like a perfect glove
The abomination

To Hell I descend
Keep stagnating into this sickness
Ad astra per aspra
Condemned to fight the odds
Doors of perception opened on different worlds

Suffocated – humbled – distorted
Breathing consumed corrupted oxygen in molecules
Paralyzed in an eternal meanless fight
No way to escape
Sentenced to immobility

Landscapes are moving
The world keeps turning
But the ‘I’ is stagnated into living unexistence

Portraits of insecurity
Leading to nowhere
Doors of perception opened on different Worlds
Doomed to lay closed
Eyes aiming high
Feet stuck on the ground

Humbled in commiseration
Descending to the Throne of Death
Choose between rebellion or stagnation
Anabasis… paralysis

[Based on Homer’s Odissey]
Track Name: Deeds Of Eternity
Mankind was created equal
Global fetus with unconscious capabilities
From procreation to obliteration

Deep human thoughts – animal mere instincts
Do your choice – Follow the Free Will
A falling presence – the breathe of life
Testifying humanity could create deeds of eternity
Nihilism dominates

Enticed by the most trivial instincts
The abyss of despair won’t save you from the Holy Shame
Self extinction

A heart of ice
Cold like a stone is
Will be drilled by the pity of God
And warmed by the flames of Hell

Void – Embracing nothingness

Going over and testifying creating deeds of eternity

Created in this world but not part of it
Created in this world but not part of it

Dissimulation – Pride – Weakness
Products of abomination
Weak attachment to life
To prove existence could blow away
Sickening cerebral vanishing pride

Eternal ideals – Pursuit of happiness
Lack of sacrifices – the bill of punishment

Creating deeds of eternity
The spawn of human (g)race

[Lyrics inspired on G. Leopardi’s Zibaldone and G. Ungaretti’s Il Sentimento del Tempo]
Track Name: Coil Of Nothingness
Portrait of insanity
Constant research to nowhere
Innate urge to discover
A concentrated will against the tempest and the tide…
Something inhuman…

The Leviathan awakes!

Daring to find the last meaning
Into the sickest depths
From the blackest chasms to the highest skies

Handling a burning weight of misery
Unlocking a challenge through spirits

Tremendous appearance
Impassible pain

A meaningless body entering the whirlpool

Washing human structures
Waves despoiling the corpse of its sinful nature
No flames – No Holy Water
Just the fury of the elements
Bringing uncontrolled purification

Like Phlebas the Phoenician
Forgotten between the cries of gulls
Passing through the unstoppable tide
Leaving behind ages and ambitions

Unmerciful procession
Pitiful deception
Going with the flow

Before the awakening of the gods of doom
A secret current picked bones in whispers

This is the final page
This is the fatal stage
Death by water

Coil of nothingness!

[Additional lyrics taken from the notes from The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot – Again! I know, I love it…]
Track Name: Awakening Of The Seven Serpents
Space and time are one devices
Millenniums of enlighted minds
Tried to conceive the absolution
But every creation leads to an end
Every beginning is doomed to decay
Futile existence to conquer the Throne of Nothingness

They are the seven uncreated formless daemons of the apocalypse
Seven serpents – seven shells of eternal gestation
Procuring humanity the gift of the unexistence

They are the Zephyrus blowing human hopes away
They are chained in hidden shells over the skies
Fed by abysses of frustration
Constantly growing into the Uncreation

They are the Holy Snake
They are the Unholy Dragon
The furious beasts bringing plagues
Seven and One
Nihility made flesh

Awaking the seven serpents!
“Adad-Jahad! Amon-Jahad! Irra-Jahad!
Namrat-Jahad! Nunn-Jahad! Beuu-Jahad! Nergal-Jahad!”

Will be your last evocation
Onsets became prophecies

[Freely inspired from M. Mignola’s Hellboy and on an ancient Indo-tibetan myth]